Adventist Leadership Institute Website

We have launched the first phase of the ALI website. The ALI will serve initially in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Please check below what we have been preparing to serve you and your churches.


1. Website

  • Blog: Weekly relevant blogs on leadership, evangelism, and church growth
  • Podcast: A weekly 20-30 minute podcast covering a variety of leadership topics with guest speakers.
  • ASK: If you ask a question regarding leadership, ministry, coaching, church growth, and personal development, experienced leaders will be answering you.
  • Online Magazine: A quarterly online magazine will be available for leaders. The magazine will bring articles related to leadership in general.
  • Webinars: Special guests presenting different topics on leadership and personal development.
  • App: An app with all website features is being developed and will be launched soon.
  • Quotes: Daily quotes on Facebook page.
  • Group: Facebook group to share ideas and tell stories about leadership and personal development.

2. Youth and Children

  • Adventist Youth Leadership Certification Program
  • Adventist Coaching and Mentorship Program for Children and Youth
  • Adventist Leadership and Personal Development Training for Youth and Children
  • Youth and Children Life Skills Certification Program

3. Leadership Summit

  • A live yearly Leadership Summit featuring different guest speakers.
  • A yearly online Leadership Summit, reaching a bigger audience.

4. Certification

  • Adventist Coaching Certification Program
  • Adventist Leadership Certification Program
  • Adventist Leadership Certification Program for Pastors
  • Digital Citizenship Certification Program

5. Courses & Trainings

  • The Missing Power
  • The Pursuit of Happiness According to Jesus
  • Youth Leadership According to Jesus
  • The Discipleship Process
  • God’s Dream for my Church

6. Membership

Monthly VIP access to:

  • Book Summary (pdf, audio)
  • Monthly Leadership Training with access to videos, PowerPoints, pdfs, icebreakers, instructor guides and certificates. At the moment, we have 50+ leadership courses and training under development.
  • Monthly E-books on topics of leadership, personal growth, wellness, family, and others.

7. Collaboration

We are strong believers in collaboration and partnerships. We believe we can do more together. If you have a passion for leadership, coaching, and personal development, we would like to hear from you.

We are excited to serve you with all of these tools. Please pray for the entire ministry.